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Maryland is a state with an endearing title that resonates of peace and comfort. The city of Towson continues this expectation with its welcoming atmosphere. Guest will feel right at home amongst the friendly community and fun developments - developments which includes golf.

Golf outings in Towson are characterized by a subtropical climate, proving warmer humid summers and cooler winters; keep that in mind as you plan. Just like anything, preference is king, and due to the variance in weather, you can golf in the weather that is best for you.

If you want to explore nature, Towson golf outings are still an excellent choice. The environments of the golf courses are beautiful, with vivid shades of green and earthy browns. There's no reason to separate a nature walk from the sport of golf, when you can have the best of both worlds. Many of the golf courses in Towson are like a painting come to life, beautiful and full of emotion.

Towson golf courses are one of the highlights of Maryland. Just like the variety provided by the city, golf courses in Towson each have a unique spin. The historic element of this town especially makes golf fun, as some course may overlap with special landmarks. Take a look at the list below and get started playing your favorite courses.

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