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Thanks to OneSpareTeeTime and BestOutings, it's easy to promote your golf course to outing planners and sell more outings because we give them your best marketing materials. Our solution also saves you a ton of time managing donation requests. Here are some valuable links for course managers and marketing executives.

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Find your course and you can log in or create a new OneSpareTeeTime account. This one account handles donation requests AND helps you sell more outings.

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"Why can't I find my course?"

If you can't find your course (or it's missing information), it's likely due to one of two reasons. 1) You previously created an account but did not complete the final step of posting certificates for charities in your area, or 2) We have been trying to contact you to review your outing information but have not heard back from you. It's easy to find your course and fix this by updating your information.

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Pricing and available promotional packages  

All courses that use OneSpareTeeTime for Charity (a free program that saves you 10 hours/ week!) enjoy a free basic listing on Find your course here and take advantage of this free listing. If your course rules prohibit helping local charities, we have paid listings available. To learn more, click here.

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