Frequently Asked Questions

For Golf Event Planners

We're doing our first golf event. Where should we start?

Our free service makes it easy to post what you're looking for. Then sit back and let the local golf courses' tournament sales representatives send you proposals if they think their golf course would work well for your event. Plus, when you submit your golf tournament request, you'll automatically get a free copy of "How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament" prepared by the Golf Tournament Association of America. This golf tournament guide includes a lot of tips to make your golf event a success.

Best advice to raise the most money - set a budget and submit an outing request and see what sort of responses you get back from local golf courses.. then you can decide if it makes sense.   Many of the individual golf courses are very good at coaching you on the best ways to make extra money as well.. you might consider using TravelPledge experiences for an auction/raffle for example.

How long before golf courses send us proposals?

It varies widely. Some golf course tournament sales professionals are very quick and will call you and send you information. Others might take a little while. If you don't hear from a golf course that you'd like to consider for your charity golf outing, don't hesitate to enter your zip code on our homepage, locate a few golf courses and call them directly.

How do we select a golf outing budget?

Only YOU know your audience and your likely golf tournament attendees. Will you be able to get large corporate sponsors to step up to help out for your golf outing? Will there be a lot of golfers and supporters that will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for their charity golf tournament foursome? If so, then your event budget can be much higher than if you're doing a small gathering of the parents of the girls softball team (for example). Give this careful consideration because this is a major factor in locating the right golf course for your tournament.

How do we find hole-in-one insurance and cool stuff?

We have a special area of BestOutings that features golf tournament products and services. You'll find everything from cool tournament software to logoed merchandise to unique tee gifts, plus hole in one insurance to make your golf event even more fun (and potentially rewarding) for the golfers.

What "format" should we play?

There are a lot of fun formats to choose from and these are covered in the tournament guide that you receive when you submit your outing request. For example, you might choose to play a "Shamble" where every golfer tees off and you select the best tee shot and then every golfer completes the hole from the best location. This is a good hybrid between a "Scramble" and letting each player play his own ball throughout, and it will surely speed up play and get the golfers to your post event activities faster!

Golf Tournament Products and Services Providers

How is BestOutings promoted to golf event planners?

Our parent company (Geronimo Solutions) helps nonprofits raise more and more money, and we work with many great nonprofits. Many of these nonprofit leaders host a yearly charity golf event and they ask us for help finding the right golf course. We've built private label Travelpledge websites for thousands of charities and we encourage all of them to submit golf outing requests. In addition, we're the official directory of the Golf Tournament Association of America and their growing member base of nearly 22,000 event planners. We have social media ads running on Linkedin, Facebook, as well as remarketing campaigns (display) happening on all major sites. We are also run Sirius XM satellite radio ads on PGA Tour Radio. We have built the most comprehensive database of golf courses ever compiled. We have a database of 1.4M charities and we'll soon be marketing to these to let them know that this is a new tool to plan their golf event.

For a full description of how we promote BestOutings to golf tournament planners, click here.

How do I add a "Featured on" badge to my website?

We provide some easy cut/paste code that your webmaster can easily place anywhere you like on your website. To gain access to that code, click here.

Golf Course Managers

How do I update my golf course listing?

It's easy to claim your free account here. All golf courses that help local nonprofits by donating certificates (valid for play during slow periods on your tee sheet) automatically receive a free listing on BestOutings and they automatically receive the outing leads that our system sends out automatically.

Do I get tournament leads?

Yes. Any time a tournament organizer submits a request in your area, if we have the correct contact information for your tournament sales coordinator, you'll receive the request and you can respond directly to the golf tournament planner with your proposal. Be sure that we have correct information for your golf course and that you're helping local nonprofits.