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Although most people think of New York as the “big apple” filled with skyscrapers, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and fast-talking locals, you can still take a breather and challenge your golf skills in some of the most pristine golf courses in the Eastern portion of the U.S. Many are located next to the cost, the golf courses are in great condition, and you enjoy a unique golf experience just outside the big apple. Each course offers a challenge to golfers of all levels—from beginner to expert.

With carefully placed bunkers, rolling fairways, you’ll be challenged to play a more strategic game of golf. Whether you’re pro golfer or just a beginner, New York offers several golf courses suited for golfers at all levels.

Though you won’t find many full-fledged golf courses in New York City proper, you will find some driving ranges, virtual golf courses, and plenty of golf courses in next door Brooklyn. Up State New York is also home to quite a few of the best golf courses in the United States – surprisingly enough – and is sure to be the perfect locale for any golf outing you wish to plan! Trust us; if you’re looking to plan your next New York golf outing, we can help – click below to find the best golf courses in New York, as well as all the information you need, including website URLs, tee-times, and more!

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