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Are you wondering why a Naperville golf outing is a good idea? Well it was ranked second best place to live in the United State in 2006 by Money magazine; that speaks for itself. Naperville, Indiana also sports the beautiful Centennial Beach and Millennium Carillon, a towering piece of modern architecture with a view. The town is a place to pine for, and the activities don't let down either.

Naperville, IN is a cooler city, not rising much above 40 degrees until the summer, so dress accordingly. This area also sees a good amount of rain, with 2 inches in cooler months and an average of 4 inches of rain for each summer month. This rain though is reason for the lush scenery that makes golf courses in Naperville so appealing.

This is a place that embodies beauty throughout seasons, which is a major plus to Naperville golf courses. The summer and spring are responsible for rich green landscape that is nothing short of refreshing for a golf game. The fall brings about the classic “fall” look of reds and oranges, as trees drop crunchy leaves, providing a nostalgic atmosphere to your game. And the winter brings about a more bare look, which draws one to the wonderful design of the city itself (especially in the Historic District), something that is echoed in the creative design of the golf course.

Golf outings in Naperville are great if you love nature - and of course golf. Check out the list below to see some of the wonderful courses available in Naperville.

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