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The spiraling city of Los Angeles, California, isn’t restricted to just cityscape; it has some amazing competitive golf courses, too! Within a 25-mile radius of Los Angeles lie around 100 golf courses, which all have their own unique mark. Offering impeccable scenery, some of the best and smoothest greenery around, and – of course – taking place in LA’s famous weather, you won’t find many cities with a better selection of golf courses from which to choose from.

The meditative aspects of golf are the perfect counter balance to hectic city life. Stop by any of the quality golf courses in Los Angeles and get in touch with yourself; or, plan your LA Golf outing today with BestOutings.com! Trust us; you won’t be disappointed. Keep reading to find all the information you need about the beautiful Los Angeles golf courses, including location, tee times, website information, and even their social media outlets!

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