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When planning a Columbus golf outing, it's important to know that a true die-hard golfer doesn't let a little snow and ice stop them from hitting the greens; a true, fanatical hacker embraces the challenge and enjoys the realization that when playing golf in winter, a water hazard becomes just another walkway! Just kidding; fortunately for you, most golf courses are closed during the winter in Columbus Ohio, and nothing beats playing 18 holes of golf on the beautifully manicured Columbus Golf Courses when it's not icy and cold. In fact, golf courses here in Columbus – especially during the spring and autumn – are gorgeous beyond belief, with rolling fairways, flowing greens, and red and gold trees sparkling in the background. With a wide variety of amazing scenic views throughout the town – including Metro Park, Milestone 229, and so much more – you’ll have much to feast your eyes on while scoping out the fairway!

But, nothing beats a great golf course, and you’ll find plenty here in Columbus. From the PGA fairways designed to challenge some of the greats, to your local city golf courses designed for the weekend warrior, Columbus is home to a wide variety of different golf courses (50, in fact) that are sure to fit your need and style. Better yet, with many of these courses offering five star rankings AND a perfect day on the course, you know you’re in the right place for your next golf tournament. Trust us; if you’re looking for an amazing place to hold your golf outing, Columbus may be for you. Click below to find all the information you need about the best golf courses in Columbus, Ohio!

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Golf Courses near Columbus, Ohio

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