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If you’re planning a Kansas City golf outing or tournament, you’re in luck! Kansas City offers plenty of golf courses for challenging your skills, as well as one of the most charming golf backdrops in the entire United States! With 70 beautiful courses – all offering a variety of experiences, challenges, scenic views, prices, and more – you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when planning your Kansas City golf outing. However, having a lot of golf courses isn’t what makes Kansas City special – it’s the city itself!

Home to delicious Midwest cuisine, incredible views and scenic vistas, and – of course – some of the best in-season weather in the United States, Kansas City is a great place to visit and to play golf! The largest city in Missouri, Kansas City also offers plenty of room for some truly expansive courses, with many stretching upwards of 7,000 yards in total. Add in a couple of PGA quality golf courses, and it’s easy to see why so many choose Kansas City for their golf outings. Other benefits include:

  • Wide Range of Difficulty Levels: Whether you’re planning a fun outing or a competitive one, you’ll find courses in Kansas City that fit all skill levels. Just make sure to ask ahead to make sure you choose the right course for your event!
  • Beautiful Scenery: With the Kansas and Missouri Rivers near downtown, and some amazing scenic backdrops, golf courses (and the city in general) are truly sights to behold!
  • Tournament Building Made Easy: With our Kansas City golf tournament planning services, we can help you find the golf course that fits your needs (and is willing to host your event).
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Golf Courses near Kansas City, Missouri

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