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Here's a little known fact about the most famous mouse in the world...Mickey loves to play golf! Ok, while that may or may not be true, Orlando IS host to over 100 golf courses, four of which are located at Walt Disney World Golf Resort. Florida, famous for its oceans, retirees and quite a few Orlando golf tournaments, including the Arnold Palmer Invitational, is a great golf playing locale, perfect for planning your next golf outing! Let the rest of your family enjoy a visit to Mickey's home while you spend your days on Orlando's championship courses, getting a round in or two!

Just remember; this IS one of the best golf cities in the world, so finding the Orlando golf course that fits your needs most may take some doing. Fortunately, here at BestOutings.com, we offer all the materials and services you need to plan your golf outing in no time! Use our Tournament request form today or look below and see all the best golf courses here in Orlando, and get ready for a golf outing with a Disney backdrop, gorgeous weather, and – of course – some of the best golf courses you’ll ever find! Are you ready for emerald greens and fairways, and one of the best golf and vacation cities to boot? Good, then you’re in the right place. Click below for more information!

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