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There's a rich history to Wilmington, Delaware, and it's not just because it's the largest city in the state. Wilmington was founded by Swedish settlers, and also the likes of the Dutch and British, before America claimed it under their banner. Later this city saw a lot of steel production and machinery as means of its industrialization. This history won't affect your Wilmington golf outing, but it's some good knowledge so you can feel like you belong while playing the Wilmington golf courses.

This city, by its history, is clearly diverse and progressive, and the golf courses in Wilmington are no different. There are many award winning courses through the area, and courses designed by esteemed golf course designers. All these options are beautiful, with their own unique embodiments of Wilmington beauty. The plants are brilliantly green, and despite its history of industry, you can deeply breathe the air.

Common to most areas on the east coast, the temperatures don't get too bad. Summers are the best time to visit Wilmington golf courses due to the warmth, but if you don't mind bundling up, winter is great too with weather in the 30s.This is one of the state's fortunate enough to see a lot of rain, so if you're from a state with limited rain, this may be a delight with about 4 inches of monthly rain on average. The ability to adapt to weather variance is the mark of a true player, if you can overcome the surprises nature may throw, nothing can shake your game. Do your golf outing in Wilmington right, and explore the list of great courses below.

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