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The Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas are prime settings for any golf tournament, for a variety of reasons. In addition to some of the most incredible golf courses you’ll find anywhere, Virginia Beach offers everything from strolling the boardwalks, to fishing, shopping, and more! As far as the weather goes, it is as spectacular as the area itself, with gorgeous ocean breezes that make any Virginia Beach golf outing a soothing and comfortable experience.

Fortunately, the area here offers more than just things to do and beautiful weather; you’re here for golf, and you won’t find a better place to do it! As one of the US’s top golf cities, Virginia Beach is home to a wide variety of beautiful courses and exceptional golf tournaments. From courses right on the shore – providing a unique backdrop – to more traditional settings, every golf course you’ll find here is as beautiful as the next! Even better, with over 20 courses throughout the area, you’ll have plenty of choices when you start choosing your finalists! Trust us, though; it won’t be easy!

If you’re looking for a locale with gorgeous weather, beach atmosphere, and a fantastic mix of award winning courses and beautiful amateur courses, then you’re in the right place. Visit our tournament request form today to start your Virginia Beach golf outing and tournament journey! Or, click below and see what amazing Virginia Beach golf courses await! With all the information you need – in each listing – to plan the best golf outing in memory, we know you won’t regret it.

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