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Salt Lake City is a somewhat undiscovered gem and a true golfer’s paradise. The state is one of unprecedented beauty with such varied landscapes that make it a great golfing destination whether you’re searching for courses among rolling green hills, majestic mountains, lowland marshy courses, desert backdrops or abundant trees, water and wildlife.

Many of Salt Lake City’s golf courses are nestled right in the mountains providing golfers with opportunities to enjoy high altitudes, fresh mountain air and nearby animals that they might spot during their game. Nearby Park City, a huge tourist attraction city, has some of the most scenic courses in the United States.

The greater Salt Lake City area offers appealing weather conditions for those who wish to play a round during more than one season a year. The spring and autumn months are some of the best times to enjoy a game amid colorful foliage and bright mountain tops or the mild, warm weather in the valley below.

Just in the Salt Lake Valley alone are more than 40 exceptional golf courses within a mere half an hour of each other and an additional 30 courses within an hour of the airport and downtown Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City golfing is known for being reasonably priced while still providing well kept, highly manicured greens and courses.

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Golf Courses near Salt Lake City, Utah

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