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Everything is bigger in Texas, and some might even say the golf is too; however, don’t go expecting a Texas sized hole as a handicap. San Antonio golf courses don’t slack when it comes to good games; both beauty and well crafted, challenging holes, are consistent. Even amidst its country flair, Texas has seen substantial golf curation over time.

Amongst the close to 40 courses in its area, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for beautiful – and memorable – golf outings! Each of these offer, expansive courses, vivid skies, and landscapes which connect one to nature, as well as the perfect area to plan your next San Antonio Golf outing. Trust us; if you’re looking for a great place to get your golf on, or you are trying to plan your next outing or tournament, look no further than San Antonio; read on for more information about San Antonio golf courses, including website information, social media outlets, tee-times, location, and more!

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