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There are plenty of places to golf around the country, but if you have yet to experience any of the courses in Knoxville, TN then you've been missing out. A temperate climate makes golf a year-round sport in this region, allowing you to enjoy the effects of four full seasons without ever having to worry about it being too hot or too cold to get out on the green.

Aside from being an incredible place to golf, Knoxville is rapidly becoming a must-see city for travelers for several reasons. Visitors can enhance their golf trip with a fun day out on one of the many lakes, a guided llama trek through forest and mountain river streams, or any one of the nature activities offered in the area.

With the Smoky Mountains and different lakes serving as a backdrop, the golf courses in Knoxville top the list when it comes to scenic views. There are a variety of course layouts to choose from, each unique in their own way and providing golfers with diverse challenges that make the game satisfying for any handicap. All the fairways are kept in pristine condition, and as you navigate your way through the greens you won't be able to help but use every golf club in your bag.

If you're looking for somewhere to sharpen your skills and play a higher tier golf game, this is the place to find it. Use the list of golf courses below to discover new and interesting facts about the finest courses in Knoxville, TN.

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Golf Courses near Knoxville, Tennessee

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