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At the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and conveniently sitting on the Arkansas River, Tulsa, Oklahoma sits in the region of the state referred to as “Green Country.” Known throughout most of the 20th century as the “Oil Capital of the World,” recent diversification and downturns in the industry have expanded Tulsa's spheres of influence. In fact, Tulsa golf outings have grown extremely popular in recent years.

Tulsa golf courses, similar to most of the city, are heavily wooded, creating picturesque and challenging experiences for all levels. Tulsa occasionally experiences temperatures above 100 degrees in summer, and winters typically have a few inches of snowfall. Spring and fall are wonderful here, and rolling thunderstorms offer plenty of water to keep the “Green Country” spirit true for golf courses in Tulsa.

Golf outings in Tulsa are some of the most spectacular in all of the country; take advantage of the beautiful woods of Oklahoma and plan your outing today!

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Golf Courses near Tulsa, Oklahoma

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