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Home to a great number of fun and well-designed golf courses, Oklahoma City provides all golfers with a healthy amount of incredible courses, each of which offers a different experience AND an amazing event that one won’t soon forget.

This capitol of Oklahoma, lying in the Great Plains region, features beautiful golf weather during the summer – averaging a cool 83 degrees Fahrenheit throughout – beautiful lakes and scenic trails, and of course, over 40 golf courses for you to enjoy. With a healthy mix of professional grade courses built to challenge even the savviest of golfers and city courses there for your typical, everyday golfer, golf courses here are varied in both skill and attraction – giving you the ability to pick and choose when the time comes. Add in gorgeous, scenic backdrops, impeccable local fare, and even a few award winning golf courses that can’t be missed, and you get a golf haven that truly deserves to be called one of the best golf cities in the USA! If this interests you, you’re not alone; click below to find all the information you need about the best golf courses here in Oklahoma City. From Facebook info to tee times and club fees, we offer all you need to play your OKC golf outing!

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