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The city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a unique city full of lively culture and even more lively citizens. As the capital of Louisiana, this southern city plays host to many important events throughout the year. Baton Rouge is the home of Louisiana State University, which has seen national recognition in recent years as a top football school and more. Originally founded in 1699, the rich history here makes Baton Rouge golf outings more than just outdoor fun.

With an average rainfall of 55 inches per year, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the fifth wettest city in the U.S. The abundance of rainfall and location on the Mississippi River do keep temperatures from dropping too low, however, making golf outings in Baton Rouge a comfortable and fun experience. The average high temperature in Spring and Fall is around 75 to 85 degrees, with summer temperatures reaching into the low 90's. Baton Rouge golf courses benefit greatly from all the rainfall; the courses are lush and beautiful, with plenty of greenery.

Golf outings in Baton Rouge are marked with good weather and even better landscaping. The fantastic design of golf courses in Baton Rouge draws players to this city yearly. The smooth greens and spotless fairways keep them coming back for more! Visit this gem in the South to learn why Baton Rouge is the place to be for golf on the Mississippi River! Find our list of Baton Rouge golf courses to plan your next outing below:

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