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Springfield, Massachusetts has a longstanding tradition of upholding the 2nd Amendment; the home of the Springfield Armory from 1777 until it's closing in 1968, Springfield is also home to Smith & Wesson, America's largest producer of handguns. Springfield also played host to many inventors and intellectuals, including being the home of Merriam-Webster and the location of the first use of interchangeable parts and assembly lines in manufacturing. When you're done with your golf outing in Springfield, there's a whole rich history to see here.

With average high temperatures in the mid 80's, summer is a great time for a Springfield golf outing. Springfield also experiences a very consistent amount of rainfall - about 3 inches per month. You won't be able to use Springfield golf courses in winter, though; high temperatures are around 35 degrees - BRRR. Spring and fall are fairly cool, with temperatures in the mid 60's.

Golf wouldn't be nearly as fun without uniquely designed holes and hazards, and golf courses in Springfield certainly deliver on this experience. Massachusetts' beautiful landscape is highly expertly - come see what we mean!

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