Top Things to Include for Your Golf Tournament’s Award Ceremony

When planning charity golf tournament, you want to make sure you include prizes and a special awards ceremony for the winners of the tournament (already budgeted for). The money raised in this event is going to charity, but the players involved will want a little acknowledgement as well. Making the players feel special can be an incentive for them to return the next year, ensuring you will put on yet another successful tournament. We’ve compiled a list of “must haves” that will guarantee an awards ceremony that will make the winners feel their accomplishments have been acknowledged in the best of ways.

  1. PA Systems – First and foremost, a quality PA system will be needed. The ceremony will lack that something special if you merely stand in front of the crowd yelling out the names of the winners. Securing a low quality PA system can be even worse, as they can emit high pitched squeals and/or produce sounds that are garbled and unintelligible. Many companies will rent out PA systems at reasonable prices, but if you are considering holding an annual golf tournament, it might be wise to just purchase one, saving money in the long run.
  2. Stage – We all want our time in the spotlight, and bringing the winners up to a stage gives them a chance to feel they are receiving their 15 minutes of fame. Set it up the day before the ceremony begins; seeing it will provide incentive to the players to do their best, and it will help you avoid any last minute snafus, such as missing pieces or being more complicated to erect than you thought it might.
  3. Hire an MC – A professional Master of Ceremonies (MC for short) adds to the panache of your award ceremony while providing a polish that the boss may just not have. These guys are professionals and know how to keep things moving along while providing entertainment that keeps the audience involved and happy.
  4. Laptop Capable of Providing a Slideshow – Arrange for photographers to take pictures throughout the day and run a slideshow of the pictures as the announcements and the ceremony progress. Although it makes sense to includes shots of the winners, be sure to have shots of everyone who has participated—even committee members. Everyone enjoys their minute in the sun!
  5. Trophies – Available at a nominal price, a trophy can add a sense of legitimacy and fun to the proceedings. The players bragging rights will be guaranteed when they have the first place trophy to back them up, and it will give them incentive to join the festivities in future years so as to start a collection of trophies!

Best Outings

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