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Golf Tournament Player Registration Tips

There are many aspects to planning a successful golf tournament: planning, budget, prizes, and sponsors. But if you don’t have players, none of these aspects will mean a thing, which is why easy registration for your players is so important. And when setting up registration, quick and easy is the best way to garner the most players; no one wants to spend a prolonged period of time trying to figure out where to register and then follow that up by spending what seems hours filling out the form. Frustration with the registration process will be your biggest issue when putting on a golf tournament, and so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help ease the way!

Online Registration

Technology is a wonderful thing, and online registrations will save you hours of hassle. No more coffee stained stacks of crumpled paper riddled with bad penmanship making it nearly impossible to decipher whether it’s Jon Green or Don Greem registering. In addition, with online registration, participants can pay using their debit or credit cards, meaning no more checks to lose. Security is important however, and today’s golf registration software will ensure your tournament’s money goes exactly where it should with no worries for you to shoulder; you’ve got enough issues to deal with in the planning and execution of the tournament.

Online registration can help you, the administrator, set up teams, generate financial reports, and even provide receipts and updated information to participants all at a click of a button. Sharing the website can be done through your favorite social networking site, allowing you to expand your visibility and increase the number of participants; the more players, the more you earn for your chosen charity!

Online Registration Systems

Once you’ve decided online registration is the way to go, now you need to determine which software system will work for you. Bestoutings.com has made it easier for you to find the best system with our Golf Tournament Products and Services page, where you can find software systems that are easy to manage and are completely safe. A few of our listed companies include:

  • Scratch – Scratch allows for a cloud-based planning and registration platform. They offer different packages, including one that lets player sign in from a phone app. Planning a charity golf tournament has never been so easy!
  • Event Ease – This website is free for event administrators and includes free customer support and promotion, enabling you to concentrate on sponsors and finding that superstar for your celebrity meet and greet!
  • Trust Event Solutions – Promising efficiency, simplicity, and an attention to detail you won’t often find on registration software, Trust Event Solutions has you covered from initial planning to final clean-up. They even provide a post-event survey to help planning for next year’s tournament even simpler!


Your success is our accomplishment so we make sure you can find everything you need to create a successful charity tournament. Our Golf Tournament Planning Guide and Golf Tournament Products and Services pages contain tips and information on software and planning—all you have to do is click here to benefit from our years of experience!