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Tips for Catering at your Golf Tournament

Like golf, food is one of those things that brings people together. When these two things meet, there is potential for a very special event that everyone will enjoy. If you are planning your golf tournament, you might be wondering if you need to get a caterer. The answer is absolutely ‘yes!’ There are so many reasons that hiring a caterer will make your event. It is the surest way to have a delicious meal at the conclusion of your round of golf. As the food is such a big part of any event, hiring a caterer to take care of this aspect of the tournament takes a great deal of the leg work out of ensuring that it is fun and memorable.

What to Look for in a Caterer

The main thing to think about when looking for the perfect caterer is what type of food you and your tournament’s attendants would like to have. It will also depend on what type of demographic you are bringing out for the tournament and how casual you want the event to be. Maybe it would be best to have a food truck outside the clubhouse for a casual atmosphere. Maybe you want to have a more formal dining experience with tablecloths in the clubhouse, elegant place settings, and upscale food. There certainly is a caterer out there for any type of energy and taste you want your golf tournament to have. Do some research on local catering groups through services like Yelp to find out more about your options and to find the perfect caterer for your event.

How to Fund Catering

There are many ways that you can go about acquiring the funds necessary to have catering at your event. The first is by charging admission to all the players who enter the tournament. If you set a deadline for registration, then you will have the money before the tournament actually starts so you will have the money for the caterer early. There is also a lot of opportunity to have companies sponsor your event, in which case, a particular company would provide funds for the event (catering) and then they are able to advertise at the event. You can get creative as well and explore any number of different ways of raising money.

Catering is a relatively easy thing to bring to your tournament that will improve the quality of the event drastically. Keep some of these things in mind as you begin your search for the perfect caterer for your tournament.