Getting Social with your Golf Tournament

Social Media Golf Tournament

Want to get the word out about your next golf tournament? Sure, digital marketing and plain old fashioned advertising may do the trick; however, if you really want to make your golf tournament as visible as possible, it’s crucial to utilize your social media channels as well! Few marketing outlets can drum up hype for an event as well as a properly implemented social media campaign, so follow these tips closely when you’re ready to market your golf tournament!

Before the Tournament

Before you do anything else, it’s important to get the groundwork started, and that groundwork begins with a Facebook fan page. Creating a Facebook fan page gives you a hub where you can include pictures and relevant information – such as dates, locations, and contact information – and generally provide those who are associated with or going to your tournament a place to congregate. However, above all else, it’s a powerful marketing tool that puts you right in front of the demographics you wish to target! By sending out an email blast to all current players to like the page, as well as manually inviting all friends and potential players, you can expand your circle of influence and ensure that people are taking notice. Just make sure you do it right!

Tips on Utilizing the Facebook Fan Page

Fill out ALL Relevant Data: Make sure your Facebook fan page has all the information you want players to know. This includes the name of your tournament, its address, the date and time, as well as pictures of past events (if you have organized a golf tournament before)
Invite All Past, Present, and Future Players: Make sure to utilize all player lists that you’ve gathered over the years, including the one for this year, and send invites to them over the platform (or over email). Players that already have signed up may find the page useful for planning, while those who have signed up in the past may be persuaded to re-up this year as well. If you have friends and associates that may be interested, make sure to invite them as well!
Use Facebook Ad Center: Facebook ads gives you insight into a variety of demographic statistics that can help target your campaign more effectively than many other marketing stratagems. You can even import your email lists of potential attendees and Facebook will match up profiles! Though it may cost money, Facebook page marketing will get your event in front of even more people that may not be in your direct circle, making it an especially powerful platform for golf tournament marketing

Twitter, company Facebook pages, and even Instagram can also be useful ways to get the word out in a fun setting. Just make sure to stay active all the way up to the day of your event; being active on your social media channels is the best way to ensure maximum exposure on these platforms!

During the Tournament

Just because the tournament begins, doesn’t mean that your social media exploits are over! It’s important to continue posting and being active all the way through the event, so you can be ready for next year! This makes sure your tournament doesn’t just fade away with the season, while also drumming up expectations for next year! Some great ways to do precisely that include:

Prizes for Best Group Selfie photo: Get the players involved by running a best group selfie photo contest! Not only can this be fun for the whole field, it’s a great way to get more footage of the day for posterity (and for marketing purposes). You can even offer branded t-shirts and merchandise as prizes so you can get even more exposure!
Create a Hashtag: Implementing a hashtag for Twitter and Facebook is another fun way to get the players involved! It’s easy, fun, and it gets people talking about you on social media – an important ranking signal for search engine optimization (if you have your own site, of course)
Take Video Interviews: Video interviews make the whole experience seem more legitimate, while also giving players a since of pride for being a part of it. Just ask ESPN type questions (“how did you feel about that last shot?” and film important parts of the tournament, such as the final stretch or hole-in-one attempts. Once you cut the video, these interviews are the perfect sharing fodder for your Facebook page!
Take Photos of Winners: Finally, make sure to take photos of the winners with their trophies and share them on the group page (as well as your website, if you have one). Don’t forget to tag the winners too!

After the Tournament

Finally, once the tournament is over, it’s time to be the gracious host and thank everyone who came, including the sponsors! Tag companies that helped make your event possible, and prompt players who are fans of your page to tag themselves in the tournament photos!

If you plan on scheduling another tournament next year, it’s important to keep your page active. Try to post once or twice a week, and give updates on when/if the next tournament is going to take place. Though we recommend you don’t post all the time – which would put you at risk of becoming spammy – it is very important you don’t fade from thought completely, especially as the off-season drags on. Just remember; the more creative you are with your posts, the more effective you will be!


Trust us; though it may not often seem like it, Facebook and other social media outlets are the perfect marketing tools for planning a golf tournament. All you need to do is harness your creativity and do the leg work, and you may just have a success on your hands. Click here for more information about marketing and planning your golf tournament!