Effectively Organize Player Registration at Your Tournament

Register for Golf TournamentOrganizing player registration can be one of the more difficult facets of setting up your golf tournament. Though vastly under-appreciated, coming up with a quick, easy, and organized player registration process can mean the difference between a fast start to your event and a train wreck. Read on for our player registration tips!
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8 Ways to Grow Interest in Your Annual Golf Tournament

grow interest golf tournament

So your golf tournament’s finally over. Give yourself that pat on the back you’ve been waiting for, and break out the champagne if you must; but, understand that your journey isn’t completely finished! It’s time to get back to the drawing board to start planning the next one. A common mistake many tournament planners make is not sealing the deal after the tournament. Even though your tournament has ended, if you ran your tournament well, the thrill of the competition probably hasn’t worn off yet. That means this is the perfect time to pique your participants’ interest for next year! So how can you do it? Well, follow these 8 steps and you’ll have no problem ensuring your next tournament’s a blast.

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Choose the Right Golf Course For Your Event

choosing golf course

If you’re planning on creating a golf tournament, one of the most important things you can do is choose the correct golf course for your event. As the setting of your tournament, it sets the stage for so many other facets, while often deciding whether or not your tournament is going to be an enjoyable one! Fortunately, we’re here to give you a few tips to make absolute sure you find the correct golf course for your purpose. Read on for more information!

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Thank Your Guests Post-Tournament

thank your sponsors

You’d be surprised what a long way two little words can go. All day your sponsors and attendees will be rejoicing at the wonderful event you’ve held, now it’s your turn to give a little “thank you” back.

How to Thank your Sponsors and Guests

A great way to start is with card or e-mails. Be careful you have the correct addresses of your help, sponsors, and attendees. Not all sponsors will be able to make your tournament in person, so a well-written thank you letter can really demonstrate your appreciation. For all who have helped you before, during, or after the tournament make sure to give a thank you card, or even a swag bag to show your appreciation for their sponsorship or volunteer effort.

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Ideas for How to Market Charity Events for golf

golf tournament planning

If you’re interested in planning a fundraiser to raise money for a charity, a golf tournament is a great idea! Golf tournaments are a great way to generate lots of money for charity groups. Unfortunately it is much easier said than done. To execute a successful charity golf tournament, there is a lot of work that must be done.

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Thinking of hosting a charity golfing tournament? Don’t know where to start? No need to fret, fortunately there is EventEase. When organizing any event, you can become tangled up in a logistical nightmare. Most people fail to realize until it is too late that there is significant planning, promoting and money exchanging involved in creating a successful golf tournament. For that reason, the team at EventEase (group of golfers and tournament coordinators) sought to change the status quo by creating a platform that takes all of the stress out of planning charity golfing events, so the coordinator can focus on the tournament goal…giving back!

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