Tips for Catering at your Golf Tournament

Like golf, food is one of those things that brings people together. When these two things meet, there is potential for a very special event that everyone will enjoy. If you are planning your golf tournament, you might be wondering if you need to get a caterer. The answer is absolutely ‘yes!’ There are so many reasons that hiring a caterer will make your event. It is the surest way to have a delicious meal at the conclusion of your round of golf. As the food is such a big part of any event, hiring a caterer to take care of this aspect of the tournament takes a great deal of the leg work out of ensuring that it is fun and memorable.

What to Look for in a Caterer

The main thing to think about when looking for the perfect caterer is what type of food you and your tournament’s attendants would like to have. It will also depend on what type of demographic you are bringing out for the tournament and how casual you want the event to be. Maybe it would be best to have a food truck outside the clubhouse for a casual atmosphere. Maybe you want to have a more formal dining experience with tablecloths in the clubhouse, elegant place settings, and upscale food. There certainly is a caterer out there for any type of energy and taste you want your golf tournament to have. Do some research on local catering groups through services like Yelp to find out more about your options and to find the perfect caterer for your event.

How to Fund Catering

There are many ways that you can go about acquiring the funds necessary to have catering at your event. The first is by charging admission to all the players who enter the tournament. If you set a deadline for registration, then you will have the money before the tournament actually starts so you will have the money for the caterer early. There is also a lot of opportunity to have companies sponsor your event, in which case, a particular company would provide funds for the event (catering) and then they are able to advertise at the event. You can get creative as well and explore any number of different ways of raising money.

Catering is a relatively easy thing to bring to your tournament that will improve the quality of the event drastically. Keep some of these things in mind as you begin your search for the perfect caterer for your tournament.


How to Advertise Your Golf Tournament Locally

So now you’ve completed the early planning stages of your charity golf tournament and it is time to start attracting the players. Your tournament will not be a success if no one knows about it, so advertising is very important. There are many ways to get the word out—some inexpensive, some extremely expensive—so it is important that you’ve figured out your budget first.

Another initial step would be to create a name for your tournament. Be sure and make the interesting and unique; you want to engage players’ interest, and quite honestly, “The ABC Charity Golf Tournament” has no panache! Keep reading for more tips on how to advertise your tournament locally; we’ve compiled a list to make it easy for you.

Hand Out Fliers

This common and inexpensive way of garnering attention is also the easiest. Talk to local businesses about handing out fliers on their properties. When they find out it’s for a good cause, the businesses tend to be willing, and will be even more so if you offer to use their name for free advertising. Create a mailing list of employees, family members, and friends to mail the fliers to, or, if you don’t have the budget for stamps, just create a display with extra fliers that you can hang in the common areas of your business. Keep it stocked, so your employees can take copies home to give to people they think may be interested.

Local Media

Your area radio stations, local news teams, and even the newsprint media in your region are always on the lookout for human interest stories, and your charity golf tournament fits the bill! Tell your story to the press and you may even get a news personality for your celebrity meet and greet, thereby killing two birds with one proverbial stone!

Social Networking Sites

Does your company have a page on a social network site? If not, consider starting one—it’s simple! You probably have your own page, and it’s not any more complicated to set up than that one was. Start advertising on the page. Set up daily and weekly status updates, offering info about celebrities for your meet and greets, the great prizes you will be offering, and even provide a “golf tip of the day.” Anything that can catch the interest of potential participants is a good thing!


If you have a large budget and/or your tournament is an annual thing, consider hiring an SEO company to handle the internet advertising. The cost is higher, but this is what they do, and the amount of people they can reach—both locally and worldwide—is staggering! 

Don’t Forget Best Outings! 

This is what we do, and no one knows the ins and outs of holding a charity golf tournament more than our company! Use our years of experience in golf outings to help create a successful and sought after golf tournament that will be a hit for years to come!


Five Tips for Creating An Airtight Golf Tournament Budget

One of the more difficult aspects of organizing a successful charity golf tournament is creating a budget that allows for everything that is necessary…without taking away from profits that should go to charity. It may sound daunting, but it has been done by thousands of others and it can be done again…by you. Fortunately, we’ve thought of that and have provided you with a five simple tips that will keep your budget airtight!

Make a List

The first step is most likely the simplest: Make a list of everything you can think of that’s involved in creating a successful tournament. It’s ok, you can cheat. Pick the brains of others who may have had their own tournaments and definitely use the ideas we have in our Basic Guide to Organizing a Successful Golf Tournament on our web page. We’re glad to be of help! 


There’s a lot of stuff that goes along with creating a successful event and the internet can be your best friend. If this is your first time, you may not have a clear idea of the costs involved, and spending a little time surfing the net can give you a more realistic picture of what your budget should look like. Don’t forget to include advertising costs; it costs money to make money, and this expense can actually end up raising the most money in the long run. 

Registration Fees 

Once you’ve figured out about how much you want to spend, you can concentrate on ways to make money and lower your costs. Remember, your goal here is to provide aid to your favorite charity, not to just have a great time! Charge a registration fee to players, hold an auction, charge a nominal fee for food you may have received for free – there are plenty of ways to bring in money to help cover the costs. Do your research! 


Instead of spending valuable resources to pay people helping out, use volunteers whenever possible. Offer free advertising in exchange for food, prizes, etc. When planning your budget, examine every potential cost and determine how you can either get it for free or even at a reduced price. Every penny counts! 

Pad the Budget 

Last minute surprises can be a disaster for your profits, but not if you planned ahead and added an “emergency cushion.” Caterers flake out, players back out at the last minute, auction items fall through and if you have a little extra saved away, it’s no big deal. If everything goes smoothly, that cushion can get added back into the overall profit – it’s a win-win situation. 

Utilizing our tips and resources is the best way to ensure your tournament is a rousing success for years to come. We have the experience and we love to share! can be your best friend and your biggest ally when it comes to creating an airtight budget – what are you waiting for? Click here for more information!


Accommodations for Participants

More participants equal more profits; so why would you want to limit yourself to local players only? Providing accommodations means out of town players can participate, increasing your visibility and your profit margins. Keep reading to view the list we’ve compiled for arranging accommodations for your very important guests.


Many hotels will reserve a block of rooms at a great discount – all you have to do is ask. Depending on how large your tournament is going to be, it may be a good idea to set up arrangements at a few hotels and plan for a welcoming party the night before the big game. Most hotels will provide a 10 room block as a courtesy, with no added fees if the rooms are rented out, and if you think you might need more, just ask. It’s great advertising for the hotel.

Bed and Breakfast

Yes, this is a golf tournament, but in today’s world, women enjoy golf as much as men, so why not offer the opportunity for your participants to have a romantic getaway as well. If the tournament is being held in a tourist town, your best option for arranging discounted rooms is to hold the event during the off season. You may not be able to block rooms like you can at a hotel, but arranging a link to a local bed and breakfast on your registration page allows the B&B to have free advertising, and they may provide a greater discount for your guests.

Shuttle Service

While shuttle services don’t really have anything to do with accommodations, they can be an extremely important benefit. Out of town participants may be reluctant to drive in an unfamiliar city, so setting up a free shuttle service can be extremely helpful, especially on tournament day. Many hotels offer their own free shuttles within a certain perimeter, so be sure to utilize hotels that are close to the course, and if your first choice doesn’t offer that service, it should be easy to find another that does. If all else fails, contact your local cab and limo companies about providing discounts in exchange for free advertising. 

Holding a charity golf tournament can be stressful and frightening if you’re doing it alone, but lucky for you, you don’t have to! We have experience and a willingness to share our knowledge with you, because we know your success is our success. You’re not in this alone!


Golf Tournament Player Registration Tips

There are many aspects to planning a successful golf tournament: planning, budget, prizes, and sponsors. But if you don’t have players, none of these aspects will mean a thing, which is why easy registration for your players is so important. And when setting up registration, quick and easy is the best way to garner the most players; no one wants to spend a prolonged period of time trying to figure out where to register and then follow that up by spending what seems hours filling out the form. Frustration with the registration process will be your biggest issue when putting on a golf tournament, and so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help ease the way!

Online Registration

Technology is a wonderful thing, and online registrations will save you hours of hassle. No more coffee stained stacks of crumpled paper riddled with bad penmanship making it nearly impossible to decipher whether it’s Jon Green or Don Greem registering. In addition, with online registration, participants can pay using their debit or credit cards, meaning no more checks to lose. Security is important however, and today’s golf registration software will ensure your tournament’s money goes exactly where it should with no worries for you to shoulder; you’ve got enough issues to deal with in the planning and execution of the tournament.

Online registration can help you, the administrator, set up teams, generate financial reports, and even provide receipts and updated information to participants all at a click of a button. Sharing the website can be done through your favorite social networking site, allowing you to expand your visibility and increase the number of participants; the more players, the more you earn for your chosen charity!

Online Registration Systems

Once you’ve decided online registration is the way to go, now you need to determine which software system will work for you. has made it easier for you to find the best system with our Golf Tournament Products and Services page, where you can find software systems that are easy to manage and are completely safe. A few of our listed companies include:

  • Scratch – Scratch allows for a cloud-based planning and registration platform. They offer different packages, including one that lets player sign in from a phone app. Planning a charity golf tournament has never been so easy!
  • Event Ease – This website is free for event administrators and includes free customer support and promotion, enabling you to concentrate on sponsors and finding that superstar for your celebrity meet and greet!
  • Trust Event Solutions – Promising efficiency, simplicity, and an attention to detail you won’t often find on registration software, Trust Event Solutions has you covered from initial planning to final clean-up. They even provide a post-event survey to help planning for next year’s tournament even simpler!

Your success is our accomplishment so we make sure you can find everything you need to create a successful charity tournament. Our Golf Tournament Planning Guide and Golf Tournament Products and Services pages contain tips and information on software and planning—all you have to do is click here to benefit from our years of experience!


Five Ways to Get Your Players to Come Back Next Year!

A successful golf tournament is a fun one; players want to be entertained, fed, and made to feel important, and when all that happens, you will find that next year’s tournament will be made all the easier – these players will want to do it again! To ensure your participants will want to come back year after year after year, all you need to do is follow these five steps we’ve discovered work every time!

Keep It Simple

If potential participants have to work hard to discover more information or spend hours registering for the tournament, they are going to quickly lose interest, and when it comes time to register next year are not going to be tempted. Online registration software and internet sites take the work out of getting involved – both for participants AND administrators.

Make It Organized

If players arrive to a tournament where chaos reigns, they are not likely to sign up again. Nothing is more annoying than a poorly run tournament with unclear sign-in procedures, celebrity no-shows, or food that is cold and tasteless. Following our golf tournament planning guide ensures your event will run smoothly, making participants eager to come back.

Make It Fun

Contests, raffles, even a celebrity meet and greet will keep your players engaged, entertained, and eager to sign up for next year’s festivities! Offer a gambling hole, raffle off a golf weekend provided by your ever so generous sponsors, and offer the opportunity for the participants to meet a pro-golfer. When fun rules the tournament, repeat business is guaranteed! Offering free gifts, such as golf hats, balls, and towels are a fun way to invite your participants to sign up next year as well!

Quench Their Thirsts and Fill Their Bellies

Providing beverage carts driven by friendly and charming men and women ensure your players will stay hydrated and happy and serving tasty meals during the awards ceremony at the end of the day will make sure the tournament ends on a good note and ensures the participants will be inclined to return next year.

Make the Participants Feel Important

Have photographers on hand to take pictures of the players throughout the day and create a slide show to be run during the awards ceremony that will include a professional MC and trophies for the winners. Everyone wants to experience their own 15 minutes of fame, especially those guests you want to see every year!

Your success is our success and we work hard to make sure you don’t need to. Follow the steps we have listed above and your charity golf tournament will become THE annual event everyone wants to be a part of!


Five Qualities Every Golf Tournament Volunteer Should Have

A great golf tournament needs many things to be considered successful, including prizes, awards ceremonies, a great course, and plenty of volunteers to keep things running smoothly. As a matter of fact, without the volunteers, it’s unlikely you would be able to accomplish even half of what needs to be done! On the flip side, however, if your volunteers don’t have the necessary qualities or are genuinely reluctant to be a part of the big day, they can negatively affect the outcome of your tournament, limiting the chances of holding more tournaments in the future. Below is a list of what we have found to be the most successful qualities of an excellent volunteer.

  1. A Desire to Be Involved – It sounds simple—why would someone volunteer if they really don’t want to participate? Unfortunately, some people may feel they are being “forced” to volunteer or may be afraid to say no if the big boss asks them. Pick volunteers that seem as excited about the tournament as you are and try to avoid picking someone who might owe you a favor. You’ve been boss a long time, you can tell who is truly happy about something and who is not. Trust your instincts.
  2. Hardworking – Even the most excited of volunteers can put a monkey wrench in the proceedings if they aren’t willing to go the extra step and work hard. Everyone involved is an extremely crucial part of the tournament’s success and one weak link can throw every other detail off kilter.
  3. Organized – You know the type—they have the best of intentions but are so disorganized they forget important steps and end up causing a big mess which adds stress and tension to the more organized people. You don’t want to have the big day arrive and discover that the volunteer in charge of ordering the trophies forgot to send in the order form and now there are no trophies to pick up. Make sure your volunteers aren’t just eager and willing; it is important they are organized too.
  4. Honest – Volunteers shoulder a lot of responsibility, and one of those responsibilities may involve money. If you’ve seen signs of dishonesty in the volunteer at work (cheating on their time-card, not reporting all their sales) you don’t want to take the chance that the funds you’ve worked so hard to raise for the less fortunate might end up in your volunteers’ pockets.
  5. Connections – Is the mom of one of your volunteers a babysitter for a PGA professional’s sister? Does another volunteer have a second job walking the dog of a local newsperson? Is still another volunteer the second cousin twice removed of a big name celebrity? These connections can prove vital to the success of your golf tournament, bringing in more money and bigger prizes with a simple phone call.

Best Outings: Your Home for the Best Golf Tournament Planning Advice

As you can see, there’s a lot more to picking quality volunteers than just covering your eyes and pointing at the nearest employee, and we hope this list has helped you get started. For more information on planning a charity golf tournament, check out our tournament planning guide and see what all we have to offer!


Top Things to Include for Your Golf Tournament’s Award Ceremony

When planning charity golf tournament, you want to make sure you include prizes and a special awards ceremony for the winners of the tournament (already budgeted for). The money raised in this event is going to charity, but the players involved will want a little acknowledgement as well. Making the players feel special can be an incentive for them to return the next year, ensuring you will put on yet another successful tournament. We’ve compiled a list of “must haves” that will guarantee an awards ceremony that will make the winners feel their accomplishments have been acknowledged in the best of ways.

  1. PA Systems – First and foremost, a quality PA system will be needed. The ceremony will lack that something special if you merely stand in front of the crowd yelling out the names of the winners. Securing a low quality PA system can be even worse, as they can emit high pitched squeals and/or produce sounds that are garbled and unintelligible. Many companies will rent out PA systems at reasonable prices, but if you are considering holding an annual golf tournament, it might be wise to just purchase one, saving money in the long run.
  2. Stage – We all want our time in the spotlight, and bringing the winners up to a stage gives them a chance to feel they are receiving their 15 minutes of fame. Set it up the day before the ceremony begins; seeing it will provide incentive to the players to do their best, and it will help you avoid any last minute snafus, such as missing pieces or being more complicated to erect than you thought it might.
  3. Hire an MC – A professional Master of Ceremonies (MC for short) adds to the panache of your award ceremony while providing a polish that the boss may just not have. These guys are professionals and know how to keep things moving along while providing entertainment that keeps the audience involved and happy.
  4. Laptop Capable of Providing a Slideshow – Arrange for photographers to take pictures throughout the day and run a slideshow of the pictures as the announcements and the ceremony progress. Although it makes sense to includes shots of the winners, be sure to have shots of everyone who has participated—even committee members. Everyone enjoys their minute in the sun!
  5. Trophies – Available at a nominal price, a trophy can add a sense of legitimacy and fun to the proceedings. The players bragging rights will be guaranteed when they have the first place trophy to back them up, and it will give them incentive to join the festivities in future years so as to start a collection of trophies!

Best Outings

We understand there’s a lot involved in planning and coordinating your charity golf tournament and we are happy to offer our years of experience to help you out. Check out our website at for more information on this and other aspects of putting together a successful golf tournament.


How to Offer the Chance to Meet a Celebrity at Your Golf Tournament

When planning a golf tournament, there are many things you will need to consider, such as: creating a plan and budget, choosing the course to hold your tournament, finding sponsors, and deciding what the prizes will be. The list is quite extensive and can be quite daunting when looked at in its entirety. One of major determining factor as to how successful your tournament will be, however, are your prizes. Quality prizes will capture the attention of far more participants, and one of the best prizes is a celebrity meet and greet. People are star struck, and learning that they will have the opportunity to meet one of their favorite golfers/actresses/rock stars will make them more likely to participate. The problem, then, is how do you manage to obtain a star for the meet and greet? Fortunately for you, we have experience in such matters and have compiled a list to help you find the celebrity that can make your tournament a rousing success!

  • Connections – The easiest and quickest way of garnering a celebrity is through the connections of your friends, families, or employees. Everyone has a story of how their sister’s mother’s uncle sold ice cream to a famous rocker known for his love of golf; don’t be shy—use those connections! Celebrities are people, too, and most realize how fortunate they are and want to share their fortunes with others.
  • Celebrity Booking Agencies – There are agencies whose whole purpose for existing is matching celebrities to endorsement deals, setting up appearances for their clients, and arranging celebrity meet and greets for causes like yours—for a fee of course. If you need to make use of a celebrity booking agency, have one of your sponsors pick up the costs; there’s no need to take money away from the cause if you have a sponsor willing to foot the bill.
  • Email or Write a Request – If the celebrity you want to obtain is an athlete, write to the team address, if he or she is an actor on your favorite television show, write to the show, and if it’s a local celebrity (news anchors, reporters, the owner of a successful restaurant) write to the station, newspaper office or restaurant. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no, so what do you have to lose?

Use Best Outings for your Golf Tournament Planning Needs

By now you’re probably getting exhausted over the sheer number of things you need to do to get your charity golf tournament started, but don’t worry, we are here to help you through the process. Use our Tournament Request tool to start your Golf tournament planning process; or, check out our golf tournament planning guide for more information!

Getting Social with your Golf Tournament

Social Media Golf Tournament

Want to get the word out about your next golf tournament? Sure, digital marketing and plain old fashioned advertising may do the trick; however, if you really want to make your golf tournament as visible as possible, it’s crucial to utilize your social media channels as well! Few marketing outlets can drum up hype for an event as well as a properly implemented social media campaign, so follow these tips closely when you’re ready to market your golf tournament!

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