New Online Community for Golfers

gottaIf you’re like us, you don’t like golfing alone. It’s lonely, too quiet (even for golf), and quite simply much less enjoyable than golfing with a group of close friends. Unfortunately, as life goes on and coordinating schedules becomes more and more difficult, it can be hard to get the old group together. For the most part, that means you have two choices: Either break the clubs out and go for a decidedly lonely solo round, or schedule for the twelfth of never and hope beyond hope that your swing isn’t too rusty the next time you finally have enough for a full round. Obviously, neither of these options are ideal, which is why we here at are here to give you a new and better third option that may just have revolutionized planning your next foursome,!

What is

Sort of like the Facebook of Golf, allows you to connect with strangers in your area who are ready to golf right now. That means no more lonely Saturday mornings at the driving range; just create your account, log in, and create a round of golf which others can join! Best of all, if you have friends who golf that might be just outside your friend circle, you can send invites to them and organize your round in nothing flat. It’s quick, intuitive, and one of the easiest ways you’ll ever find to plan a small golf outing on your terms!

create golf outing

Join Groups and Golf with Strangers

Of course, if you’re not the organizing type, you might find it difficult or outside your scope to plan your very own golf outing; fortunately for you, that’s OK too! If you want to join a pre-planned outing and meet new people, you can do that as well! Just find friends, meet strangers, search the open golf rounds in your area, request an invite, and get golfing right away – it’s that simple! Best of all, many of the outings and tournaments you can join are themed not just around golf, but around interests (such as drinking), skill levels, and locations, giving you the opportunity to meet new people and have an absolute blast while doing it.

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Find a group that shares your interests, or just go for a Sunday round of golf. It’s your choice!

Become a Part of a Community that Simply Loves Golf

Once you join, you’ll find more than tee times, easy-to-join golf rounds, and pre-planned golf tournaments; you’ll also find a group of people that share one uniting interest: Golf! So, whether you want to spend your time sharing round scores on your golf profile, checking out pictures of your new friends’ golf outings, joining giveaways, competing in challenges, or even checking out some golf babes, is a great place to do so! Just visit and create your profile today, so you can get golfing tomorrow! Trust us; you’re going to love it there. Happy golfing!

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