Ideas for How to Market Charity Events for golf

golf tournament planning

If you’re interested in planning a fundraiser to raise money for a charity, a golf tournament is a great idea! Golf tournaments are a great way to generate lots of money for charity groups. Unfortunately it is much easier said than done. To execute a successful charity golf tournament, there is a lot of work that must be done.

Get the Word Out!

Getting people to come to your charity golf tournament is the only way you’re going to fill the event and make any money. So how do you get people? You’re going to have to get the word out in a clear and concise manner to all potential attendees as soon as possible.

Make the Event Attractive

Always think of your audience when deciding key factors. It’s easy to think about what your committee wants, but will it appeal to others and thus sell tickets? Ask yourself:

  • What time of year do you plan on having the event?
  • Do you think your attendees will prefer a private course to a public course?
  • What kind of prizes, games, teams are you planning to have?
  • How much does each player want to pay to play in the event?

Make it Easy to Let People Get Involved

A golf tournament takes a lot of work and involves a lot of moving parts. In order to keep things together at a low cost, consider using volunteers for help. One way of attracting volunteers is by making it easy for them to learn about the event, and letting them know what they can do to help. Volunteers are also a great resource when considering they will likely tell others about the event thus benefiting the promotion campaign.

Maximize Your Promotions

Set a clear plan for promoting your event early on and stick to it. Preparation is key to your promotion campaign. There are many web-based applications which can help with the organization part of your promotion, however if you plan on doing it by yourself, you will need to create a clear and concise message to all of your potential attendees. Mine your data base for people that would be interested in coming to the event, volunteering, or simply using their networks to spread the word. A few great ways to promote your charity event is through a website, pamphlets, word-to-mouth, and social media.

Create a Convenient Way to Covert Promotions to Sales

The goal is to raise money for your charity golf event. Make sure that potential attendees can easily purchase tickets to your event through online sales. Consider having an early bird special, this will give you a better idea of what your budget as well as help in the early stages in case changes need to be made. Just remember, the more people that you can attract to your golf event means the more money generated for your charity. Do not underestimate the power of marketing as it is the most crucial aspect for obtaining attendees and converting sales. Make sure that all of your supporters have an easy way to promote your golf event through their social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.