Drop golf balls from a helicopter to raise money.

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Here’s a creative way to raise money at your next golf tournament!

Ball Droppers is the Nation’s first, and only, helicopter golf ball dropping organization. They coordinate and administer fundraising events for non-profits and groups raising money by dropping golf balls from helicopters!

How it works– People ‘buy’ golf balls and like a raffle ticket, then are given a unique number to identify which golf balls are theirs.  Then, Ball Droppers helps provide the helicopter to drop 1000’s of numbered golf balls onto a target, with the closest balls to the target being identified as the winners!

The testimonials don’t lie!.. it’s a ton of fun and it generates a ton of excitement (and you raise more money at your fundraising event!)



Why do you need a partner to do this?

Anyone can call and book a helicopter … Anyone can ask someone for money to sell a golf ball …

  • Who’s going to get you a discount on a helicopter?
  • Who’s going to track all your data so you don’t have to type everything into a spreadsheet?
  • Who’s going to provide software to show you everything in real-time?

The BallDroppers software not only collects all the donations and contributions for the organization, but their software also:

  • Sends out receipts to the donors
  • Does all the ball numbering for us/you!
  • Provides real-time reports in the click of a button
  • Can show live ‘Thermometers’ to track progress (see right)
  • Can even provide live Leaderboards so people know where they stand if they’re competing against other members of a group! – They can even break the software down into ‘Teams’ so now, groups as a whole can compete, group against group, to see ‘Who can sell the most’!
  • Each participant can register in the software to get their own personal URL for tracking their fundraising; they can update their personal page with photos, video and custom text/fundraising goals to try to hit a homerun via the Ball Drop!

ball dropping softwaresoftware ball dropping

This might be the easiest and most fun type of fundraising a group can be a part of.  BallDroppers is there to help along the way!

Up to 90% (!!) goes back to the organization, so the profit margin is next to impossible to duplicate! Check out the ball dropping in action!