Fundraising Raffle for Golf Tournaments

golf tournament raffle prizesWant to have a raffle and raise money at your golf tournament?

Raffle fundraising is very successful way to raise money for a variety of events, and golf tournaments are no exception! Here are a few reasons why selling raffle tickets before or during your next golf tournament is a great idea.

Why is Selling Raffle Tickets a Good Idea?

Most raffle prizes cost little to nothing. Businesses are usually very flexible when it comes to donating anything they can spare, especially if you can sell these events as an advertising opportunity. The hardest part is finding the right people and asking them what they are willing to donate. Raffle tickets also offer yet another reason to attend your big golf event.

Keys to Organizing a Raffle Fundraiser

Set your Goal

What is your goal? How much money do you need to raise. This will help you determine how many tickets you need to sell, at what price, as well as how many prizes you will need.

Line up your prizes

As a better incentive to your ticket buyers, let them know what type of prizes will be offered. You can do this by website, word-to-mouth, pamphlet, etc.

Get Prizes Donated (print donor’s name on tickets)

You will need talk with people and business to see what type of items they can donate for the raffle tickets. Consider presenting donors with the option of having their names attached to whatever item they are donating. This is a nice gesture and a strong incentive for their donation.

Allow a Month to Sell Tickets

It is always best to get sales out as soon as possible, this helps with budget control, as well as marketing for the event. The more people you sell tickets to, the more people are likely to come to your event.

Have Group Members Sell Tickets

Activate your group members. People are more likely to support a fundraiser by purchasing tickets, if they are purchasing from people they know. Also, the more people you have selling the tickets, the increased likelihood of funds raised.

What types of prizes should you get?

Prizes are the best part!!! If you’re confused on what to get, just ask yourself “what would I want”? Clearly for certain audiences, you’ll have to purchase items to use at your raffle, but if you (for example) spend $2,000 on a vacation for a raffle (through a service like TravelPledge), and you sell 100 tickets for $100 each, then you just made $8,000!

Some of the best types of prizes include:

  • Cars (for large tournaments)
  • Travel
  • Sporting equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Memorabilia (Athletes, professionals, etc.)
  • Gift Certificates

How Much Money Should You Spend on Prizes?

Very little if possible! Your best bet is to use your local communities in helping with donations… .ask for donations from restaurants, retailers and service providers. If you’re selling tickets for a lot of money, consider buying a nice vacation or cruise to really jazz up your raffle!

How Can You Make it Even More Fun Than Usual?

When running a raffle ticket fundraising event, try to invite as many people within the community you are trying to attract. Feel free to reach out to people willing to donate their time and experience. Other examples include

  • Professional athlete signatures on items
  • Special appearances
  • Live music
  • Food
  • Games
  • Recognition of community members