Five Ways to Get Your Players to Come Back Next Year!

A successful golf tournament is a fun one; players want to be entertained, fed, and made to feel important, and when all that happens, you will find that next year’s tournament will be made all the easier – these players will want to do it again! To ensure your participants will want to come back year after year after year, all you need to do is follow these five steps we’ve discovered work every time!

Keep It Simple

If potential participants have to work hard to discover more information or spend hours registering for the tournament, they are going to quickly lose interest, and when it comes time to register next year are not going to be tempted. Online registration software and internet sites take the work out of getting involved – both for participants AND administrators.

Make It Organized

If players arrive to a tournament where chaos reigns, they are not likely to sign up again. Nothing is more annoying than a poorly run tournament with unclear sign-in procedures, celebrity no-shows, or food that is cold and tasteless. Following our golf tournament planning guide ensures your event will run smoothly, making participants eager to come back.

Make It Fun

Contests, raffles, even a celebrity meet and greet will keep your players engaged, entertained, and eager to sign up for next year’s festivities! Offer a gambling hole, raffle off a golf weekend provided by your ever so generous sponsors, and offer the opportunity for the participants to meet a pro-golfer. When fun rules the tournament, repeat business is guaranteed! Offering free gifts, such as golf hats, balls, and towels are a fun way to invite your participants to sign up next year as well!

Quench Their Thirsts and Fill Their Bellies

Providing beverage carts driven by friendly and charming men and women ensure your players will stay hydrated and happy and serving tasty meals during the awards ceremony at the end of the day will make sure the tournament ends on a good note and ensures the participants will be inclined to return next year.

Make the Participants Feel Important

Have photographers on hand to take pictures of the players throughout the day and create a slide show to be run during the awards ceremony that will include a professional MC and trophies for the winners. Everyone wants to experience their own 15 minutes of fame, especially those guests you want to see every year!

Your success is our success and we work hard to make sure you don’t need to. Follow the steps we have listed above and your charity golf tournament will become THE annual event everyone wants to be a part of!