Five Qualities to Look for in Your Tournament Golf Course

The perfect golf course can make your charity golf tournament the event people talk about for months to come, or it can end your chances of having a tournament that could become an annual event; it’s that important! If you want your players to sign up year after year, you need to provide a course that attracts high caliber players. Keep reading for tips on what to look for when you are starting the search for the perfect course for your charity golf tournament.

Well Maintained Course

Scraggly and overgrown trees, bald spots on the greens, even sand traps that are not kept up can lead to a game that is frustrating and aggravating. If the course your tournament is held on is not well maintained, your participant list for next year is guaranteed to be short. 

Customer Service 

Your players are spending good money on this tournament and they expect to be treated as such. Can you blame them? Crabby course staff and beverage carts that appear to be nonexistent will lead to dehydrated and disappointed players. Do a dry run before signing on the dotted line to ensure that the course you choose knows how to treat their customers. 

Challenging Course 

Players enjoy a challenge—you can’t brag about how well you did on a putt-putt course. Make sure the one you choose offers challenging holes and speedy greens! But don’t make it too challenging, either; there’s not much fun ending the day with a score that nears three digits! Procuring a course that lies somewhere in the middle is your best bet when it comes to ensuring your participants will be eager to sign up again next year.

Quality Food 

Offering bland and rubbery chicken, limp and watery vegetables, and watered down drinks will only chase away repeat participants. Make sure the food offered for the tournament is tasty and well prepared. Your players have expended a lot of energy over the course of the day, they need fuel and will remember how delicious it was when next year’s charity event rolls around again! 

Reasonable Costs

The object of the tournament is to raise money for your favorite charity, so don’t price yourself out of the game. Deals can be made if you rent the course for the entire day, and don’t be afraid to haggle. The more you save on the course, the more money you can raise for those who need it most!

Best Outings 

Planning a charity golf tournament doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. We’ve been planning tournaments for years—check out our handy tournament planning guide and prepare for a successful and fun tournament.