Thinking of hosting a charity golfing tournament? Don’t know where to start? No need to fret, fortunately there is EventEase. When organizing any event, you can become tangled up in a logistical nightmare. Most people fail to realize until it is too late that there is significant planning, promoting and money exchanging involved in creating a successful golf tournament. For that reason, the team at EventEase (group of golfers and tournament coordinators) sought to change the status quo by creating a platform that takes all of the stress out of planning charity golfing events, so the coordinator can focus on the tournament goal…giving back!

How it works

EventEase is a golf management platform that makes event planning for charity events a breeze. All the user needs to do is go to the www.eventease.com and make a profile. From there the software will provide the user with multiple tools to help you coordinate your next golf tournament.

Best features

EventEase offers an easy-to-use platform where the user has multiple options to choose from. Not only will the software help you in organizing you very own golf tournament, but you can login, and enter your address to discover what events are within your local area. Why does this matter? You don’t just have to be an organizer, instead the EventEase platform allows the user to search local events that he/she can play, donate and volunteer.

Social Media

In today’s digital world, it is recognized that the best way to market your ideas is with the internet. EventEase knows this and thus offers the user a dedicated website (no hosting fees) where the event coordinator will enjoy 24/7 free customer support to keep things running smoothly. Once the website is complete, the user can spread it throughout all forms of social media for increased traction.

What does EventEase have to offer?

The EasyEvent software works on a variety of platforms (ie. tablet, computer, smart phone, etc.). This makes it easy for users to have access to real time data related to;

  • Budget analysis
  • Amount of money raised
  • Player confirmation
  • Emails
  • Maps
  • Communication with coordinators
  • Staying connected with your charity, teammates, and EventEase community
    Promoting your event for greater impact, players, donations


EventEase is focused on helping its users in their pursuits of raising money and awareness for your charity. With this mission pillar in mind, EventEase donates back 10% of participant service fees back to your tournament charity. Visit EventEase.com to help make your tournament planning journey easier than ever before (and don’t forget to utilize our services as well!)