Choose the Right Golf Course For Your Event

choosing golf course

If you’re planning on creating a golf tournament, one of the most important things you can do is choose the correct golf course for your event. As the setting of your tournament, it sets the stage for so many other facets, while often deciding whether or not your tournament is going to be an enjoyable one! Fortunately, we’re here to give you a few tips to make absolute sure you find the correct golf course for your purpose. Read on for more information!

How to Organize a Golf Tournament (8 Tips)

1. Define your Event: Before selecting a location, you need to have strong sense of what it is you are striving for (charity, fun, contest, etc.). Then with that in mind, you can correlate your budget to your goal.

2. What time of the year are you planning to host the event: By making slight adjustments to one or more of the courses you are considering, you might make a significant difference in the costs associated with your event.

3. What is the average skill level or your players: If they are mostly recreational players, a difficult course might be a turnoff to your event. To determine the golf course difficulty, you can compare options by consulting the National Course Rating database of the United States Golf Association).

4. Get Proposals from at least 3 courses: You will you will learn different aspects of each course by talking to their tournament sales directors. Don’t settle with just one course! Make sure that you find a variety of courses that you are interested in, then compare the pros and cons of each. Don’t be afraid to consult with some of your golfers after you’ve widdled it down to a few. Our Tournament Request Tool is the easiest way to get your RFP in front of the best golf courses.

5. Driving distance from your base of players is an important consideration: Though you won’t know exactly where all your golfers are coming from, you definitely want to make sure to choose a centrally located golf course for your tournament. This way, most who are interested won’t have to drive very far to reach you.

6. Questions to ask the tournament sales director at golf courses:

  • How many players are required for a group discount?
  • Are you able to accommodate overages of players? If so, what’s the maximum number of players?
  • Is there a rain out policy?
  • What’s the policy for outside food/drinks?
  • How comfortable are your golfers with public/private courses?
  • Does the golf course provide space for dining/award ceremony?

7. Get all details in writing from the golf course you choose: Ask them to provide a proposal for you so that there is no confusion. Make sure to get the following information

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Course policies
  • All associated costs
  • Liability
  • Discounts
  • Deposit information

8. If you don’t ask…you won’t get: If you’re looking for special considerations don’t be afraid to ask and see what the golf tournament director can do for you.