Choose Golf Courses to Match Your Group’s Skill Level

Choosing a golf course for your skill level
Choosing a course

The United States offers thousands of breathtaking golf courses consisting of varying difficulty levels. Every golf course has its own unique feel and look, due to differing layouts, locations, weather conditions, types of grass, etc. Therefore, a player can be assured that not all golf courses will compare to his/her skill level. With that in mind, it is important that when in preparation for your next golf tournament that you take certain golf course variables into consideration and ask the right questions when selecting a golf course.

Why Does it Matter?

It’s important to choose the course that matches best to your group’s average skill set primarily because the whole point of golf (and the main point of attending a golf tournament) is to be outside having fun. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the course is, if you are playing a course that doesn’t meet your skill set, its likely to become more of a frustrating experience than anything else. No one likes playing incredibly frustrating holes, and sometimes a course with a lot of “forced carries” and other challenges for the high handicapper are not a good fit for a fun golf tournament . As such, it is crucial to find a leading golf course that offers fun holes for all players of all skill levels! Best to error on the side of picking a course that is a little bit too easy so everyone can have fun.

How to Choose the Best Golf Course for You?

When trying to find the golf course that fits the skill level of the field attending your tournament, it is very important to do your research before you make your decision. There is a tremendous amount of information in travel magazines, golf magazine, and golf-related websites to help you determine what’s right for you. There are also plenty of professional golfers, architects, and key industry players out there that can give you plenty of information on how a course is ranked – by difficulty, of course – so you can have an idea of how hard a particular course may be. Plus the USGA has rating systems that are intended to make this even easier.

Fortunately, for all this information and more, as part of their outing proposals provided to your group, all courses provides you with everything you need including a scorecard showing the slope rating and course rating from all tee boxes…. Along with the distance between holes. So you can make absolute sure that you’re picking a golf course that isn’t going to eat your target demographic alive! Our general advice (unless your golfers tell you that they want to play a very difficult course), that you should keep your course rating below 73 and your slope below 140 or else you might wind up with trouble.

We hope the above tips will make your golf outing enjoyable for all of the players in your group.