Cheat for Charity – Increase Donations!

Cheat for Chairty
Cheat for Chairty

One of the most difficult – and fun – facets of planning a charity golf tournament is coming up with all the ways you can increase the amount of donations. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can charge for entry, and auctions and raffles – while surely effective – can only go so far. Lucky for you, there are plenty of fun ways you can increase fundraising that not only might separate your tournament from the pack, but also are exceedingly effective.

All it takes is a little bit of authorized cheating!

From mulligans to red tee advantages, selling authorized “cheats” can be a ton of fun for all involved, all while providing you with some extra money to benefit your chosen charities! Here are some of the best “cheat” ideas that you can use to spice up your next golf tournament!

1. Mulligans

This classic cheat is well-known to all; take a bad shot? Put the ball back on the tee (or more common set the ball back down on the green) and try again. Though a little bit on the unfair side, if you sell mulligans at $25.00 a piece or for a group of several (more or less, depending on your price of entry), the less experienced players can have more of a chance and you can have more money lining the charity’s coffers. We suggest that you make sure you limit the number of mulligans allowed. You may want to have a volunteer driving the course and selling additional mulligans throughout the tournament (as the liquor starts flowing!)

2. String it Out

Typical a string of approximately 5 feet is sold. With this devilish cheat, the player who purchases the string may claim that (for example) a putt that had been missed with a 2 foot putt remaining was actually GOOD. So if the team was 10 feet from the hole and their first putt left a 2 footer coming back, you’d cut 2 feet off of your string and you’d get credit for making the 10 foot putt! Once a length of the string is used, that much of the string must be cut off from the end! This means that even though the string can be used on any green – once the string is used up, it’s gone for good!

Bonus Point: Sell different lengths of string at different prices, so you can maximize the earning potential of this fun little game. You can also sell (at very inflated prices) additional lengths of string after the event starts… to maximize the cheating for charity.

3. Red Tee Advantage

Great for players of all skill levels, the red tee advantage – once purchased – allows the purchaser (and all team members typically) to tee off from the women’s tees for ONE hole of the player’s choosing . Their friends may make fun of them, but any advantage is truly worth paying for, especially on a short, drivable par 4 or a reachable par 5.
Bonus Point: Sell in incremental packages, with the ability to tee off from every woman’s tee as the most expensive package!

4. Grenade Ball

The Grenade ball is truly one of our favorite cheats, and should be used at all tournaments (in our humble opinion). What is the grenade ball, you ask? Well, before the tournament begins, players can purchase – for a predetermined amount – “grenade balls”, which can be used on any hole. These “grenade balls” can then be thrown, instead of hit with a club, allowing better accuracy and an interesting spectacle on the course! Make sure to set cost and grenade limit before the tournament begins!

Sell a package of cheats for charity?

IDEA- You might consider selling (for example) a $25 package that includes 2 mulligans, a $100 package that includes 2 mulligans and one red tee advantage and a 3 foot length of string, and a $250 package that includes a 5 foot length of string instead of a 3 foot length (for the high roller!)

For more information about planning your golf tournament, make sure to check out our tournament planning guide, or submit your tournament request today! Have fun at your golf outing.