Ideas for How to Market Charity Events for golf

golf tournament planning

If you’re interested in planning a fundraiser to raise money for a charity, a golf tournament is a great idea! Golf tournaments are a great way to generate lots of money for charity groups. Unfortunately it is much easier said than done. To execute a successful charity golf tournament, there is a lot of work that must be done.

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Considering “Consignment” for your Auction?

Charity golf auction
Charity golf auction

Including consignment items at your silent auction is one way to provide a wide variety of items. By using consignment items you can raise more money without acquiring any additional risk, since you won’t have to pay for the consignment items you don’t sell. Additionally, you won’t have to take out money from your non-profit or your own pockets to obtain them. Auctions held to raise extra money after golf tournament fundraisers have been particularly notorious for trying to sell offering high end consignment items. Sometimes successfully, but often times not successfully. The primary complaint about consignment is that when items sell at or near the minimum bid (the items often do), then the non-profit makes very little money. This is an important negative aspect of typical consignment. Here are some categories of typical consignment.

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Cheat for Charity – Increase Donations!

Cheat for Chairty
Cheat for Chairty

One of the most difficult – and fun – facets of planning a charity golf tournament is coming up with all the ways you can increase the amount of donations. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can charge for entry, and auctions and raffles – while surely effective – can only go so far. Lucky for you, there are plenty of fun ways you can increase fundraising that not only might separate your tournament from the pack, but also are exceedingly effective.

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Drop golf balls from a helicopter to raise money.

BallDroppers Logo

Here’s a creative way to raise money at your next golf tournament!

Ball Droppers is the Nation’s first, and only, helicopter golf ball dropping organization. They coordinate and administer fundraising events for non-profits and groups raising money by dropping golf balls from helicopters!

How it works– People ‘buy’ golf balls and like a raffle ticket, then are given a unique number to identify which golf balls are theirs.  Then, Ball Droppers helps provide the helicopter to drop 1000’s of numbered golf balls onto a target, with the closest balls to the target being identified as the winners!

The testimonials don’t lie!.. it’s a ton of fun and it generates a ton of excitement (and you raise more money at your fundraising event!)


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