Accommodations for Participants

More participants equal more profits; so why would you want to limit yourself to local players only? Providing accommodations means out of town players can participate, increasing your visibility and your profit margins. Keep reading to view the list we’ve compiled for arranging accommodations for your very important guests.


Many hotels will reserve a block of rooms at a great discount – all you have to do is ask. Depending on how large your tournament is going to be, it may be a good idea to set up arrangements at a few hotels and plan for a welcoming party the night before the big game. Most hotels will provide a 10 room block as a courtesy, with no added fees if the rooms are rented out, and if you think you might need more, just ask. It’s great advertising for the hotel.

Bed and Breakfast

Yes, this is a golf tournament, but in today’s world, women enjoy golf as much as men, so why not offer the opportunity for your participants to have a romantic getaway as well. If the tournament is being held in a tourist town, your best option for arranging discounted rooms is to hold the event during the off season. You may not be able to block rooms like you can at a hotel, but arranging a link to a local bed and breakfast on your registration page allows the B&B to have free advertising, and they may provide a greater discount for your guests.

Shuttle Service

While shuttle services don’t really have anything to do with accommodations, they can be an extremely important benefit. Out of town participants may be reluctant to drive in an unfamiliar city, so setting up a free shuttle service can be extremely helpful, especially on tournament day. Many hotels offer their own free shuttles within a certain perimeter, so be sure to utilize hotels that are close to the course, and if your first choice doesn’t offer that service, it should be easy to find another that does. If all else fails, contact your local cab and limo companies about providing discounts in exchange for free advertising. 

Holding a charity golf tournament can be stressful and frightening if you’re doing it alone, but lucky for you, you don’t have to! We have experience and a willingness to share our knowledge with you, because we know your success is our success. You’re not in this alone!