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About Bethesda Grange Golf Course:

The renovation was overseen by Paul Takahashi. Takahashi is one of Canada’s leading designers, having created ClubLink’s Caledon Woods and the Predator Course at GreyHawk, overseen extensive renovations at Station Creek and Emerald Hills, and worked on Wyndance and Rocky Crest.

The strong original routing of the former Championship course at Rolling Hills remained largely intact, but Takahashi says “we vastly improved the sight lines and shot values into these great established green sites. Many bunkers were relocated and added, all filled with white Ohio sand. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be very impressed with the new Bethesda Grange Golf Course.”

Bethesda Grange Golf Course, not overly long by modern standards, nonetheless presents significant challenges in other ways. Many potential birdies can be thwarted by those new bunkers and closely mown collection areas around the greens, so course management is at a premium.


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