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As part of the 15th largest metropolitan area in the entire United States, you know that Minneapolis is sure to have plenty to offer in the way of golf courses. The city of Minneapolis is generally pretty humid but the high temperatures generally don’t go above the mid to upper 80’s making it a great spot for summer golfing without excess heat.

If you’re looking for some amazing public golf courses in the greater Minneapolis area, there are plenty providing fantastic greens, amazing scenery, and some of the most challenging golf in the country. Better yet, regardless of your skill level, you are sure to find a golf course that fits your needs!

There’s no shortage of beautiful, immaculately manicured private courses in Minneapolis as well. The private golf courses of Minneapolis often is noted as a city with some of the most beautiful private courses in the nation. Many of these private courses have a long history in the community with decades of providing top notch golfing to Minneapolis golfers and visitors to the area.

If you’re interested in learning more about particular courses in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities, take a look at our individual links for each course which will provide more information on each course and what makes it unique.

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